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The Book of Mormon is a relatively new musical in Broadway and travelling through world class cities in the US and Canada this season. Cheap Book of Mormon tickets Orlando are difficult to find, but are a worthy endeavor to find, due to the magic, thoughtfulness, and hilarity of this musical. This Musical, created by the same creative minds as the South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and Avenue Q co-creator Robert Lopez, won nine 2011 Tony Awards, which included Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Score.
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  The Book of Mormon is also the winner of four 2014 Olivier Awards. Two of these included Best New Musical, and Best Actor in a Musical. The plot is as follows: This story is about two mormon boys that were sent on a mission from Salt Lake City, to Uganda. Uganda, a place that is landlocked in East Africa, is bordered by Kenya in the east, Sudan in the north, and the Republic of Congo, in the West, is in political and economic turmoil upon their arrival. Their main mission while being stationed in a village in Northern Uganda, is to try to convert this very Christian area in to Mormonism. The one missionary, is quite the go getter and tends to be quite dedicated to his faith. The other missionary partner, tends to be very socially awkward, and his nerd-like tendencies tend to draw him into trouble time and time again. As they arrive, the two learn very quickly that their mission may become quite difficult. The two also find out that a warlord is causing havoc amongst the population they are hoping to convert. Hopeful and idealistic, the two misplaced missionaries, still venture to share their Book of Mormon with the local population in hopes to change their belief systems. This musical has a similar sense of humour as in South Park, as the creators are the same. The show similarly makes light of sexuality, poverty, race, and religion, while at the same time inspiring deep thoughtfulness and discussion about those very same topics. To know about the overall development in this musical, here is the synopsis: book of mormon tickets 1 ACT I – The show opens with the introduction of the Church Missionary Training Centre. Kevin Price demonstrates in this training how to convert the public to Mormonism by making door to door pitches. Kevin has had a successful year of missions and is looking forward to a potential post in Disneyland, however gets placed in Uganda instead. The Elder Arnold Cunningham, who is slightly socially awkward, is posted with him in Uganda as well. The two set off to Uganda with Elder Price enthusiastically talking about his hopes to change the world and make a difference in Uganda. The Elder Cunningham tags along, slightly less enthusiastically. As they arrive in Uganda, they are robbed at gunpoint immediately by the local local warlord. In their angst, they are confronted with local villagers who tell the story about how they live in poverty, famine, political instability, and AIDS. Despite learning that other Elders have failed in this mission, Elder Price is still determined to succeed in his mission. The villagers do not take well to Elder Price’s missions and teachings, but one of them is touched by the thoughts of paradise. Meanwhile, the church back home is putting pressure on the two missionaries to not come back with another failed missionary attempt. ACT II – Elder Cunningham, takes charge of the mission as he begins to gain some traction with the locals, however, he is not the most studied missionary in his religion. He begins to tell stories about Mormonism, but makes them up as he goes along. Somehow, his stories relate to the people and they begin to listen to him. The mormon president of the church announces his arrival, and the two missionaries are hailed for their successes, however the president happens to find out that Cunningham had been making up stories all along that are not relevant to Mormonism and asks them to leave the village. In the end the villagers understand that despite Cunningham having lied to them about Mormonism, the stories of religion are meant for being used to get through life and cope with difficulties. Together they all work together to drive out the General and the two missionaries stay to continue to help. This musical took the creators seven years to develop. In order to gather information for the show, this trio went to Salt Lake City to meet with the mormon missionaries. After a total of seven years, the show opened in March 2011 on Broadway during which time it was met with a positive response and immediately set record ticket sales and popular acclaim having as viral an effect as the show South Park itself. The original cast became the best charter cast album reaching number 3 in the Billboard charts. This musical has staged two national tours and is continuing to be shown abroad. This is an interesting, thoughtful, and must see performance that has dazzled the crowds. Tickets for this show can now be purchased at via online bookings, phone bookings, walk in purchases, and at TicketCharge outlets. TicketCharge promotes a variety of musical and theatrical events including other high profile Broadway shows like Cats, Madame Butterfly, and Disney On Ice. TicketCharge is also selling discounted, cheap Book of Mormon tickets Orlando . 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From the collaborative efforts of the creators of South Park and the writers of Avenue Q, The Book of Mormon is a story of two young Mormon missionaries and their journey through a remote village in Uganda. On this journey our protagonists encounter evil warlords and third world problems. The Book of Mormon tackles issues with organized religion by juxtaposing them with the very real struggles of this remote village. Missionaries have to cope with and learn from their own self doubt and their cultural shock. The lessons and trials depicted in The Book of Mormon make the audience reconsider their own beliefs and struggles. In the end, The Book of Mormon shows how the missionaries have grown though their trials and come out stronger and wiser in the end. This inspiring musical uses humour and clever musical numbers to bring the audience a message that everyone can relate to. Who Should See Book of Mormon? The Book of Mormon talks about several sensitive and controversial topics. From topics like AIDS and poverty to religion, audience members should go to show with an open mind. Because of the subjects discussed in The Book of Mormon, parents should consider maturity of their children before taking them to see this musical. What Critics Say? Since its premiere on Broadway in March, 2012, The Book of Mormon has won a collection of awards including nine Tony Awards. Critics have praised The Book of Mormon as humorous with a side of satire. The Book of Mormons is definitely a must see musical of the year. The musical has two acts running 2 hours and 30 minutes with a 15 minute intermission. Book of Mormons cheap tickets are available for performances on Tuesday through Sunday. The adult cartoon South Park has been on the air for so many years. It almost seems as if the cartoon was always on and forever haunting  parents trying to keep their children from watching it. Well guess what, South Park has just had its contract renewed until the year 2016, which will mean even more outrageous comedy that only adults should watch. book of mormon tickets 2 With South Park also comes the Broadway musical the Book of Mormon, which is also a comedy that can really offended a person sensitive to people making fun of organized religion. Does this mean people should not spend their hard earned money on a musical that might make them a little uncomfortable? I guess that would be all up to you, but there are so many people out there still looking to buy tickets to the shows in most major cities across the country. You might be asking yourself why did the South Park writers pick the religion of Mormons to make fun of in the Book of Mormons and the answer would be, who knows. The creators of South Park have been forever making fun of organized religion. They don’t leave out any religion, which can only mean that the writers are not bias to any one religion rather they are critical about all religions. The great part of the Book of Mormon is that many of us can relate to these types of religions. There are a lot of religions out there with their own belief systems, yet there are a few that continue to go and try and push their beliefs on others in such a serious way. You all know when you see the people with suits walking door to door on Saturday morning you turn the TV down and pretend you are not home. This is what the creators of the book of Mormon were thinking about when they created the play. If you feel the pain of having to hide when the religious people are walking down the street to spread the word of God you might just really enjoy the humor that comes along with the musical. You never know what is next for the writers since the Book of Mormon was such a big success. There could be similar plays that make fun of other organized religions and their mission’s trips or maybe it will just be a musical about some of the really silly outdated religious traditions. The people that write and create South Park and the Book of Mormon will never cease to amaze their viewers as to just how far they will go when making jokes about different sensitive subjects leaving the rest of us wondering what will be the next big play. book of mormon tickets 4 If you are a fan of Broadway shows, it goes without saying that Broadway tickets at a discount would be the cherry on your cake. Currently, Broadway tickets are some of the priciest in the entertainment industry. Average orchestra seats will go for about $110 per person. Are there ways that you can enjoy a Broadway show without having to pay that much? The answer is yes. If you follow the guidelines below, you should be able to enjoy a Broadway show or two without burning a hole in your pocket. 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